Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have full Installation Services available in Toronto and surrounding areas. To get started, please reach out to us with a photo of the front of your door, the side of your door so we can determine spacing requirements.  Our installation service includes the removal of your existing lock (if applicable), drill any necessary holes and install the new lock. Please contact us and we will get you set up!

It’s always best to give us a call when you’re starting out the process of getting a new door. As the locks do require specific hole drillings and minimum specifications, please reach out to us and we can help determine what’s required. By request, we can also coordinate with your door manufacturer to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

In the meantime, please check out  our Installation Requirements.

Yes. As long as your door has the minimum spacing requirements needed on the face of the door, the lock can be installed. Please refer to the Installation Requirements for further details.

The locks have specific hole size/drilling requirements. While it is possible to install this yourself, it does require some drilling. We highly recommend our expert technician to do the installation for you. Please contact us for more details and pricing.

Yes. Please contact us! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

The required space to install digital door locks varies from model to model. In case you have any decorative elements on your door (windows/moldings), please consult these images to measure the size of your installation space. Please refer to the Installation Requirements section for full information or give us a call.

Please note: A minimum of 4.5 inches is required on the face of the lock.

Yes. The locks are rated to -20°C. That said, the electronic components are on the interior unit (inside) of the home, so as long as your inside home temperature is above minus 20°C, the lock will function.

Yes. All our locks have the capability of switching it between Automatic or Manual mode.

On Automatic mode, once you close the door, it will lock automatically. Eliminate the worry of whether you’ve locked the door on your way out!

On Manual mode, you can lock the door manually by touching the screen on the front, or pressing the lock button on the back. 

No. All door locks are stand-alone locks. They are not connected to the internet or Bluetooth. Anyone accessing the lock must be physically in front of the door to gain entry. Avoid the worries of unapproved access to your home from remote locations.

Yes. Bena Co. is the official distributor of Samsung Door Locks in Canada. Please contact us for large volume orders.

All the programming is done on the lock itself. It’s very simple, straightforward, and takes only a minute, if not seconds!

All the instructions on how to program are included with the lock. 

While the Samsung Door locks are designed with the convenience of having a completely keyless entry, there may be instances where manual keys are necessary. That’s why all Samsung Digital Mortise Locks have emergency manual (key) metal keys included.

The key set is unique and special to each door lock. They cannot be copied. Please ensure you keep them in a safe spot.

As simple as it is to program RF key tags to your door lock, it’s equally simple to delete a missing key tag. Deleting an RF key tag can be done in 2 ways: Delete all key tags and re-program the ones you want or delete individual key tags based on ID numbers.

To replace your lost RF key, we have several options: RF key tag, RF Sticker and RF Card. Please visit our Product page under Accessories.

Absolutely! As the RF key tags come blank, you have the sole discretion of which doors can be accessed by which RF key tags. You can program a single tag to several doors.